Dasveedanja Pune

2 years 6 months & 22 days- a day too many for a city to make you feel at home. When you stay in a place for  this long, it starts to rub on to you- the lifestyle, the culture slowly transgresses the cocoon of any pre conceived notions, any initial reservations one has about the city. I remember all the details of my journey vividly as I came here 2 years back- it was a strange feeling. I was unsure for this was the first time in my life I would be leaving home & stepping out into a new territory out of the warmth & self assuring comfort of my nest. However these thoughts were only in the back of my mind- I was more than excited to live hostel life in a big city.

This period of more than 2 years has been like the proverbial box of chocolates, calling it a roller coaster ride won’t be an exaggeration. There have been some highs, moments of joy which warmed the heart- some memories which no other place could have possibly given. For the first time, I was living & sharing my room & spending my day with people not related to me by blood.  They eventually became my family- have found some incredible people who are now an inseparable part of my life, for I have had some indelible memories with them.

The last 10 months were a test- unarguably the toughest of my life. Times when I could not sleep at night, for months I was confined to the solitude of a room – seldom breaking down when things were too hard to handle. I felt like a speed bag which is at the receiving end of a flurry of punches, shaking me up & testing my patience continuously. I know it sounds clichéd – but hell yeah, I came out stronger. More than shaping me up for theadversities – these times changed me for life. It was like circumstances of life had altered the strands of my DNA, which no longer leaves what you originally were. I have little clue- if it is for the good or worse, only time will answer these questions. One thing which I can safely conclude is the fact that the people around you, people who are an essential part of life will be determining factors in such moments. I became close to my family like never before, suddenly my parents have become my biggest assets. Certain gem of friends who stood by me, helped me maintain my sanity & kept my cynicism in check, while the fake one’s fell by the side.

Anyway keeping the negativity aside- I leave the city on a good note, & as I finally bid adieu to the place, memories of last 2 years swarm around, leaving me with a damp eye. Pune, I owe you a lot, you have shaped me up for life, given me lessons which are priceless- maybe I’ll return back someday…….



About amitoj1987

28 year old man - with a personality that is a delightful cocktail of cliches, acting as subterfuge to otherwise interesting demeanour. Observations & pearls of wisdom from my short journey in life.
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