Keep Marching On…….

It has been a long hiatus from writing my blog, I am not sure what exactly made me stop doing it. There have been a couple of factors, at the top of stack is my futile attempts at grabbing my first job. The struggle (literally) has been on for a while now, it’s almost 7 months since I stepped out of college. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that these last few months were the toughest of my life. I have been punched hard in the face, made to fall flat on my face  & pinned down by certain circumstances.  My mind was always filled with thoughts of negativity & despair. If my sleep was disturbed in the middle of the night, the first thought that came to my mind was of getting employed- that’s how bad I wanted it. Often I felt that the whole universe was trying to push me; bend me to see when I break. I guess I have already set a negative tone to this post, so let’s cut out this obnoxiousness.

I got my first job 2 days back, today was the first day at office. The roles & responsibilities which I would be required to handle in this job do not exactly confirm to what I had imagined out of my job. However certain situations & circumstances force us to do what we might despise, that’s life. The trick is not to get bogged down by it & continuously pursue for your ultimate goal.  Another fantastic thing which everyone keeps on ranting all the time, but very few are able to follow is to take the positives out of whatever condition life has put you in. Of all things, this hell of a time which I have gone through has bought me more close to my family. The support & encouragement which my parents gave during this tough time helped me maintain my sanity. My sisters whom I always saw as my little kids used to be in tears seeing their elder bruv in pain, their eyes were moist again when they heard about of job offer, this time it was out of joy. Then there were those friends, true gems who stood by me, calmed me down when I was losing it & supported me endlessly. I know tough times are still not over, they won’t be over till I get a suitable job, but I suppose I am better prepared to handle them now. I see this new job as baby step to get to my final destination. Without sounding pompous, I feel proud for never doubting my abilities in spite of all the umpteen rejections in the interviews which I appeared for – the faith in self has remained unshaken. Hope good times will usher in soon , coz as they say “ Every dog has his day”. 


About amitoj1987

28 year old man - with a personality that is a delightful cocktail of cliches, acting as subterfuge to otherwise interesting demeanour. Observations & pearls of wisdom from my short journey in life.
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