The mind is its own place, and in itself

Can make a heaven of Hell, a hell of Heaven.

JOHN MILTON, Paradise Lost

Human mind is one of the most wonderful things in the cosmos. It’s the mind that has shaped the world that we live in today.  Everything marvelous that has ever happened to the world has germinated from that grey slimy lump encased in our skulls. It makes a lot of sense that the cranium is perched at the highest level in the human anatomy – à la Zeus who took to the skies & controlled everything from up there. However if we spare a thought & ponder for a while it’s not hard to visualize the other aspect of our mind. The dark side to the brain- it won’t be an exaggeration to say that the human mind is the most dangerous workshop. Every evil  & obnoxious thought is seeded in there, it then transforms into a vermin, which knows no bounds – it continues to surprise us with its capacity to weave a dangerous web of deceit & destruction.

It is very easy to get dominated by our mind, for it springs at every chance it gets to control our actions. To be fair, we have known no other way- we never see ourselves& our being in isolation from our mind.  This leads to each and every cell of our body bearing the brunt of mind’s tumultuous shenanigans – our bodies have become subservient to the brain. This often causes emotional pain & hurt, impulsive behavior. Often leading to actions which taken in the heat of the moment later result in mixed feelings of remorse & repentance. How often have you experienced that, I guess it happens a lot of time, although each time we find out reasons & explanations to justify it.

So what does one do- does a man have a choice. I am no expert on these matters, not a shrink or a psychiatrist, but one thing which I can say with conviction now is that the maximum joy & pleasure is derived out of moments & activities where your mind is numb- not caught in the cobwebs of negativity. This is what I call absolute freedom– the moment of bliss. For instance, where lies the thrill in adventure sports like bungee jumping or sky diving – it’s the disassociation from the thinking process of the mind that we experience those fantastic moments, the rush of adrenaline through our body. Absolutely same holds true for attraction, love & orgasm – we are detached from our minds & hence experience that sweet pleasure which is unlike anything. But the million dollar question is – How does one detach form their mind? One of the proven techniques which can help is- meditation. One can start with a meditation exercise as simple as something where you sit in a quiet place, close your eyes & just concentrate on your breathing cycles of exhaling & inhaling. Over a period of time as you would be able to free your mind of any distracting thoughts while you meditate, you will start to appreciate the effects that it has on your behavior. You would actually be in the fast lane to inner peace- certain calmness would set in you that would get reflected in your behavior. So the key is to stop overthinking, & being at peace with things & circumstances. Try to engross yourself in activities that give you that sense of satisfaction & help you get out of somber mood- enjoy the moment.


About amitoj1987

28 year old man - with a personality that is a delightful cocktail of cliches, acting as subterfuge to otherwise interesting demeanour. Observations & pearls of wisdom from my short journey in life.
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  1. Tarang Bahuguna says:

    Awesome!! Guru gyaan.. 🙂 🙂

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